Electrical and Electronics Workshop (2110017)   Old Code : 140903

List of Practicals

Sr. Practical Title
Measure voltage, current, frequency, phase difference, power, power factor for single and three-phase supply
Wire fan, tube light, two-way control (staircase wiring).
Wire instrument panel with various accessories following standard codes.
Wire MCB, ELCB for a given load circuit
Preparing the drawing for wiring a newly built room, without any electrical wiring along with a bill of materials with specifications; the room may be a class-room, an office, a shop, a clinic, a small workshop etc
Compare specification for different types of tools (electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic), wires, cables (and tubing), switches, batteries, connectors and sockets, electronic components (active, and passive), PCB, fuses, for a given application
Draw electrical/electronic circuit diagram using IEEE standard symbols.
Identify and rectify open circuit, and short circuit faults in PCB/System
Solder and de-solder electronic components on different types of PCB
Test assembled electronic circuit for various parameters and faults
Identify and test electrical/electronic active and passive components
Use basic source and measuring instruments (power supply, function generator, CRO, DMM)
Identify various types of ports and connectors

Open Ended Problem

Apart from above experiments a group of students has to undertake open ended problem/design problem. Few examples of the same are given below.

  1.  To DESIGN a device for charging small battery during door opening and closing using Coil and/or Magnet based DAMPING mechanism.
  2.  To DESIGN a Passive method for cooling laptops by diverting the heat produced on to the un-utilized (TOP) surface of the laptop.
  3.  To DESIGN a mobile charger using Solar PV cell panel for offices and house hold. (The conventional charger may be eliminated).
  4.  To DESIGN/DEVELOP an INNOVATIVE electronic weighing machine.
  5.  To DESIGN develop an electronic lock for house in the workshop
  6.  To DESIGN/DEVELOP an innovative elec
Major Equipment

Various types of resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, wires, cables, connectors, batteries, switches, relays, etc
Pliers, cutters, strippers, screw driver, crimping, soldering iron, de-soldering pump, hot-air soldering and de-soldering station, multi-meter, tester, series lamp, megger, clamp-on-meter



  1.  CRO (At least 20MHz)
  2.  Function Generator (Frequency range upto 20 MHz) – need to have sine, square wave output.
  3.  Dual Power Supply (0-12V/15V DC)/3A
  4.  Micrometers for measurement of voltage and current with suitable ranges.
  5.  Multimeter
  6.  Megger
  7.  Clamp – on – meter
  8.  Soldering and de-soldering station
  9.  Various electrical and electronic tool kits for testing and assembly.