Mechanics of Solids (2130003)   Old Code : 110010

List of Practicals

Sr. Practical Title
Equilibrium of coplanar concurrent forces
Equilibrium of coplanar non-concurrent forces
Equilibrium of coplanar parallel forces: Determination of reactions of simply supported beam
Verification of principle of moment: Bell crank lever
Determination of member force in a triangular truss
Determination of coefficient of static friction using inclined plane
Determination of parameters of machines (Any two)
  1. Wheel and differential axles
  2. Single purchase crab
  3. Double purchase crab
  4. System of pulleys
Determination of hardness of metals: Brinell /Vicker/Rockwell hardness test
Determination of impact of metals: Izod/Charpy impact test
Determination of compression test on
  1. Metals – mild steel and cast iron
  2. Timber – along and parallel to the grains
Determination of tensile strength of metals
Determination of shear strength of metals

Major Equipment
  1. Force table
  2. Beam set up
  3. Truss set up
  4. Bell crank lever
  5. Friction set up
  6. Lifting machine
  7. Hardness testing machine
  8. Impact testing machine
  9. Universal testing machine with shear attachment

List of Open Source Software/learning website:

Design based Problems (DP): (any two)

  1. For a real industrial building having roof truss arrangement, (a) take photograph & identify type of truss, (b) draw sketch of truss with all geometrical dimension, cross sections details, type of joints, type of support conditions (c) prepare a model of truss (d) identify & determine types of load acts on it (d) determine support reactions & member forces due to dead load & live load only.
  2. Take a case of the Mery-Go-Round used in the fun park. Draw its sketch showing radius of wheel, no of seats, capacity of each seats and other related information. Determine the amount of resultant produced at the centre of wheel during rest position, when (i) it is fully loaded (2) it is 30% loaded with symmetric arrangement. Draw support arrangement and determine support reactions. Also determine amount of torque required to start its operation.
  3. Prepare working models for various types of beams with different shape of cross section, supporting conditions and study the effect of cross section on the deflection of beams.
  4. Prepare working model of simple lifting machine using different types of pulley systems and calculate various parameters like load factor, velocity ratio, law of machine, efficiency of machine etc.