Manufacturing Processes - II (2141908)   Old Code : 151901


Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Manufacturing Processes:

Basic Introduction, Importance of Manufacturing, Economics and Technological Definition, Classification and Selection of Manufacturing Processes.

5 %
Metal Casting Processes:

Patterns, Types of patterns, allowances and material used for patterns, moulding materials, moulding sands, Moulding sands; properties and sand testing: Grain fineness, moisture content, clay content and permeability test. Core materials and core making. Moulding practices: Green, dry and loam sand moulding, pit and floor moulding; shell moulding; permanent moulding; carbon dioxide moulding. Metal casting: Melting furnaces: Rotary, Pit electric, Tilting and cupola. Review of casting processes, casting design considerations, capabilities and applications of casting processes; Gating and Rising design fundamentals, casting defects.

25 %
Metal Joining Processes:

Principle of welding, soldering, Brazing and adhesive bonding. Classification of welding and allied processes. Capabilities and applications; welding parameters, general concepts of weldability, welding metallurgy and weldament design, Gas welding and gas cutting, Arc welding, Power sources and consumables, Resistance welding: Spot, Projection and seam welding process, Atomic hydrogen, ultrasonic, Plasma and laser beam welding, Electron beam welding, and special welding processes e.g. TIG, MIG, friction and explosive welding, welding of C.I. and Al. Defects of welding and remedial actions. Numerical Calculation of Different process parameters of welding.

25 %
Metal Shaping and Forming:

Metal working, Elastic and plastic deformation, Concept of strain hardening, Hot and cold working, Rolling, Principle and operations, Roll pass sequence, Forging, Forging operations, extrusion, Wire and tube drawing processes. Forging: Method of forging, Forging hammers and presses, Principle of forging tool design, Cold working processes: Shearing, Drawing Squeezing, Blanking, Piercing, deep drawing, Coining and embossing, Metal working defects, cold heading, Riveting, Thread rolling bending and forming operation. Numerical Calculation of Different process parameters of metal shaping and forming.

25 %
Plastic, Ceramic and Glass Processing:

Classification of Plastics, Ingredients of Moulding compounds, General Properties of Plastics, Plastic part manufacturing processes such as compression moulding, Transfer moulding, Injection moulding, Extrusion moulding, Blow moulding, Calendaring, Thermoforming, slush moulding, laminating. Ceramic Structure, Properties, and Applications, Shaping Ceramics, Glasses Structure, Properties, and Applications, Forming and shaping of glass, Composite materials, Processing of metal matrix and ceramic matrix composites, Processing semiconductors.

20 %