Sr. Topics Teaching Hours Module Weightage
Scalar & Vector Quantities – like force , pressure , velocity , acceleration
Static & Dynamic – Kinetics & Kinematics
MKS , CGS & SI units and its conversion along with FPI and Metric System
Coplanar Concurrent Forces
Force – units , elements ,
Laws/Principles of forces such as Principle of Superposition ,Principle of transmissibility Composition & Resolution of Forces
Resultant & Equilbrium forces conditions of equilibrium
Analytical & graphical method for Law of Parallelogram , Law of Triangle , Lami’s Theorems , Law of Polygon
Coplanar NonConcurrent Forces
Principal of Moment Moment , Couple , , application, properties of couple , conditions of equilibrium types of supports, end conditions – Hinge, free end, roller, fix,
types of loads like point load, U.D.L, U.V.L, Couple,
Analytical method to Evaluate reactions in statically determinate beam subjected to point load and/ or U.D.L by analytical method of solving Statically determinate beams to
Centroid & Centre of Gravity
First moment of area; to find Centroid –standard shapes of I , L , Channel & T sections , axis of symmetry
First moment of mass; to find C.G of standard solids sections , Axis of symmetry
Friction , Laws of Friction , Angle of Friction , Angle of Repose, types of friction
Application of Lami’s theory and theory of resolution of forces , examples on friction for a block resting on horizontal plane & on inclined plane
Work, Power & Energy
Work – work done , force displacement diagram , torque , work done by torque
Power – I.H.P and B.H.P of engine ,Equation of H.P in terms of Torque and R.P.M , Engineering Problems
Energy – Kinetic & Potential energy and Engineering Problems
Simple Machines
principles of machines to evaluate Mechanical Advantage , Velocity Ratio of simple machine
pulley blocks , Draw Line sketch of different systems of
Simple and compound levers ,Problems , Laws of Machines , reversible & non reversible machines