Text and Reference Books

CNC Machines

Author : Pabla B.S., Adithan M.

Publisher : New Age International, New Delhi,2014(reprint)

Computer Numerical Control Turning and Machining centers.

Author : Quesada Robert

Publisher : Prentice Hall 2014.


Author : Sareen Kuldeep

Publisher : S.Chand 2012

Introduction to NC/CNC Machines.

Author : Vishal S.

Publisher : S.K.Kataria & Sons. 2012.

Computer Aided Manufacturing.

Author : Rao P N, Tiwari N K, Kundra T

Publisher : Tata McGraw Hill 2014.

CAD/CAM: computer aided design and manufacturing.

Author : Groover Mikell P, Zimmered W Emory

Publisher : Prentice Hall 2011.