GTU 100 Activity Points - Introduction


Gujarat Technological University (GTU) will implement the evaluation system in 100 – Activity Points that has already been launched in the beginning of the current Academic Year i.e. 2015-16 for earning the GTU’s Engineering Degree. Any B.E. Student of GTU will be honoured the B.E. Degree once s/he earns the Minimum 100 Activity Points during his total academic tenure. The points student has earned are reflected in the student’s transcript.

Detail about the evaluation system
There will be unique registration no. with enrolment_no., E-mail for the same will be registered by the student. The claim/s from the student will be reviewed by internal evaluator as a teacher, HOD or Principal at the primary level on the monthly basis. Viva will be conducted to validate the students about their work and earned Activity Points. Internal evaluator will physically collect the data, cross question the student and verify the student’s claim.

Benefits from the 100-points
Globally, engineering education systems have continuously evolved, in order to address the needs of the industry and the society. Industry needs professionals who can work successfully in teams, who have leadership qualities, who are alive to social and community needs and who can bring innovation and creativity to their work. Hence, in order to prepare its students to match these multifarious requirements, GTU has created the unique mechanism. GTU will be able to reap benefits from these activities at their own pace and comfort. It is expected that by the time GTU’s students reach their Final Year, they would have developed themselves so well both through their studies in the respective technological field and through their active participation in the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that they would be well-prepared for contributing to building the India and the world of their dreams.

Weightage to Bridge course
Bridge course will be done before first year practical exam. Every year the students with their chosen subjects will be registered. 8 points out of 100 are specially allocated to Bridge course only. At the end of semester 2, a student can start any activity except Bridge course. As semester 1 is 15 days longer, 7 days are given for village visit. Bridge course evaluation at the end of semester 1 for not only documentation verification but the viva questions will be such that the authority of work is done or not is checked. Similarly, all evaluations will be conducted in semester 2, 4, 6 & 8.