GTU Bridge Course Detail Degree Engineering

Rules for Bridge Course

As per the defined activities in Bridge Course’2015 some set of rules needs to be considered and followed as per the following for planning as well as conduction of activities of Bridge Course’2015.

General rules for each activity:

  • At the end of the first semester, there will be external viva of each student to allocate the Bridge Course Activity Points
  • Faculties who will conduct various activities must maintain records of activities and student’s assessment/evaluation record sheet
  • For each activity, students are required to maintain records about their learning.

Rules for specific activity:

Sr Activity Rule to be considered
1 Village visit
  • Details given in the Bridge Course Planning document.
2 Learning Engineering:
(a) Tech Movies
  • Tech movie activity can be planned on the 1st day of Bridge course as an Ice Breaking activity after Hon. Vice chancellor sir motivational speech.
Learning Engineering:
(b) Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • 3 days of activity can be distributed amongst four week
  • From these 3 days one class of particular branch can be given minimum two activities to perform
  • Students can be guided to make technical report on each activity as a record
  • Examples/Suggested Activities are for the references. Other department can plan such activities which will help students to understand about different learning domain and its level.
  • Examples cited in the draft document are very basic fundamental activities which could be taken by allied branch also.
Learning Engineering:
(c) Study of Disaster/Inno vation Presentation
  • 3 days of activity can be distributed amongst four week
  • Students can be divided in group and they can be guided to make technical presentation in first week. Next two weeks can be given for searching and gathering information, videos, animations as well as to understand the concepts used. Also the same weeks can be used to prepare presentation in predefined way.
  • Last week can be planned for presentation of each group of students
3 History of Science & Technology
  • Each activity may be executed approx. in 2 hours of time.
4 Life Skill
  • Yoga and tree plantation are defined to create awareness and importance amongst students within bridge course but it is recommended that these kinds of activities should be continued throughout four years by all the students