GTU Bridge Course Detail Degree Engineering



Objective of Bridge Course:

The Bridge Course is aimed to act as a buffer for the new entrants, with an objective to provide adequate time for the transition to hard-core engineering courses.

During this interaction of 4 weeks with the faculty and their classmates, the students will be equipped with the knowledge and the confidence needed to take on bigger challenges as future engineers of this country.

Bridge Course Planning

Four Major Activities

Sr. Particulars Number of Days Points Remarks

Village Visit

  • Day 1:
    1. Create a helping attitude
    2. Interact with people and observe their way of living.
    3. Compare with own lifestyle
    4. Make a list – what they have, do not have and what they can BETTER have.
  • Day 2:
    1. Interact more to get further details on one of the betterment you wish to bring
    2. Group yourself as per the problem you wish to solve/betterment you wish to bring.
    3. Group size <=4
  • Day 3:
    1. Discuss internally In the group about individual ideas
    2. Check for technical feasibility and resource availability.
  • Day 4:
    1. Play games with them and help in their work
    2. Experience a day without facilities and leisure
  • Day 5:
    1. Discuss about their expectations and dreams of development in deep
    2. Arrange a basic awareness session on how to solve/overcome basic problems they face daily. It could include awareness about government facilities availed for their betterment.
    3. Make an easy move back so that you can contact anytime further you need. Have a fun day
    4. Decide the time and purpose for which you could go back to help

The problems students identify should be further analysed and developed during their subsequent visit until completion of their Graduation.

05 02 A class of 60 students may be accompanied with 2 or 3 faculty members. It may not be on continuous days.

Learning Engineering

  1. Technical Movies—1 Days
    Detailed Syllabus
  2. Learning Engineering-Bloom’s taxonomy – Creating awareness about the learning domain – 3 days
    Detailed Syllabus
  3. Study of Technical Disaster and Innovation- Presentation- 3 Days-Group work- development of Collaborative problem solving skill
    Detailed Syllabus
07 02 Technical movie show can be arranged in one auditorium only or as per the facility available with institute. Other activity can be planned for the group of 20 to 25 students.

History of Science & Technology

    Detailed Syllabus
05 02 Activity can done in the group of 20 to 25 students 12th Activity, Finding North using Astrological Knowledge” can be planned on the day of open sky

Life Skills

  1. College will give greater importance to yoga
  2. Detailed Syllabus
05 02 All activities can be done in the group of 30 to 35 students and then sub group may be formed.