GTU Gold Medal Detail

Gold Medal Rules w.e.f 2017 (7th convocation onwards)

  1. Medal winner will be decided on the bases of maximum external theory marks’ percentage (percentage to be counted up to 4 digits after decimal).
  2. Medal must be awarded to only that student who is throughout pass that is, he/ she has not obtained any backlog in any of the semester of the course in any of the examination component E or M or I or V.
  3. This rules will not apply for B. Arch. and D. Arch. For these courses percentage calculation will be done on the bases of external theory and external practical marks.
  4. Total marks is to be calculated from only those semesters which are included in CGPA calculation.
  5. If theory marks’ percentage for two or more students are tied then to break the tie there will be comparison of CGPA of these students. If CGPA is equal then CPI will be compared and if CPI is compared then overall marks (external theory + practical of all semesters) will be compared.
  6. In the medal winner certificate Course Topper/Branch Topper/Conditional Medal will be written instead of CGPA/CPI/Percentage.
  7. Two branches in Diploma engineering, namely (i) Diploma in Textile Processing Technology and (ii) Diploma in Textile Manufacturing Technology is of 7 semesters. Hence the medal in these branches of Diploma engineering will be given in the annual convocation and not in the mid-year conferment of diploma/ degree certificate scheduled during the month of July every year. Similar arrangements will be done for all such courses that may come up in future, whose last semester happens to be an odd semester.
  8. If the sponsorer of the medal has mentioned to award the medal on the condition of maximum CPI/CGPA then this condition needs to be converted to maximum external theory marks’ percentage after consultation with the sponsorer
  9. There will not be any medal in the courses of MTM, MPM, BBA & BCA but the medal will be awarded to the course topper in MAM at the end of 10th semester.
  10. There is no need to display theory marks percentage in the grade-sheet or degree, certificate. But the updated rules for medal needs to be upload through a circular to be known as Updated rules for winning medal along with a list of medal winners with maximum external theory marks’ percentage.
  11. Medal will be given in only those course/ branch where the student of a particular college competes with the students of other affiliated colleges of GTU, for the same branch/ course. So there will not any be any medal for course/ branch which are running at autonomous college(s). (such as M.Tech. in BVM College).
  12. The gold medal may be given in main branch only. No gold medals on the specialization within the branch may be given. For example In Chemical Technology branch of degree engineering medal may be given to the student with maximum CGPI among all the four specialization, namely (i) Pharmaceutical Technology, (ii) Polymer & Rubber Technology, (iii) Dyes and Pigments Technology and (iv) Glass and Ceramics Technology. Gold medal will not be given to student with maximum CGPI in each of the above four speacialisations
  13. In the academic year 2015-16, merging of branches took place in ME course, as per thefollowing details:
    1. Branch 15, 20 & 32 in Branch 20
    2. Branch 14 & 49 in Branch 14
    3. Branch 12 & 33 in Branch 33
    4. Branch 13 & 19 in Branch 13
    5. Branch 1, 2 & 38 in Branch 2
    6. Branch 4, 5, 6 & 22 in Branch 5
    7. Branch 7, 36 & 37 in Branch 7
    8. Branch 11 & 35 in Branch 11
    9. Branch 21 & 34 in Branch 21
    So from 6th Convocation, Gold Medal is given in the revised merged ME branches, namely 2, 5, 7, 11, 13, 14, 20, 21 & 33 and not in Branch 1, 4, 6, 12, 15, 19, 22, 32, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38 and 49