GTU Induction Program Degree Engineering


The goal of engineering education is to train engineering graduates well in branch of admission, have a holistic personality and must have desire to serve society and nation. It is expected that an engineering graduate work for solving the problems of society using the modern technologies and practices. That needs the broad understanding of the society and relationships. It is needed to cultivate the human values in engineering graduates to fulfil his responsibilities as an engineer, a citizen and a human being.

Considering the various social backgrounds and whether a student comes from the urban or rural areas they differ in many of the life skills and their abilities and thinking. There branch of admission may be due to rush; their interest in subject is question. They are facing the issues like hostel and settlements, pressures from peers and many related issues. To overcome such issues, it is necessary to create an environment for students so that they feel comfortable, find their interest and explore their inner beings, create bonding with other students, establish relation with teachers, work for excellence, get a broader view of life and practice human values to build characters. The Induction Program covers the various activities which enables them to overcome all such issues and motivates them to perform well in their chosen branch of admission.


Induction Program will be divided in 3 phase i.e. Initial Phase, Regular Phase and Closing Phase covered in first 3 weeks before commencement of Semester I. Induction Program will have 8 activities head as per below with Weightage:

Sr. Phase and Activities Heads Weightage
1 Initial Phase 1 day (6 Hrs)
2 Regular Phase 13 Days
a) Physical activity 24 Hours
b) Creative Arts 12 Hours
c) Universal Human Values 12 Hours
d) Literary 12 Hours
e) Proficiency Modules 6 Hours
f) Lectures by Eminent People 3 Hours: 3 Expert Lectures, One per Week
g) Visits to local Areas or Industry 1 Day
h) Innovations 3 Hours
3 Closing Phase 1 Day (6 Hrs)
Total 90 Hours

Detail guidelines of report and daily diary format will be uploaded in due course of time.