Institute Transfer Guideline

Guidelines for Institute Transfer

The following guidelines are applicable for seeking transfer within GTU affiliated Self-Financed institutes (SFI).

These guidelines shall come into effect from the date of its publication.

Guidelines of Institute Transfer:

  1. Students can apply for institute (SFI) transfer as per details given below of respective program.
    • BE(Regular) - 4 and 6 Semester
    • BE(D2D) - 6 Semester
    • Diploma - 4 Semester
    • B.Pharm - 4 and 6 Semester
    • MCA(Regular) - 4 Semester (Only for students admitted from 1st semester of MCA)
    • MBA(Integrated) - 4, 6 and 8 Semester
    • MCA(Integrated) - 4, 6 and 8 Semester
    • B.Arch - 4, 6 and 8 Semester
  2. Student studying in last semester of a program will not be allowed to apply for thesemester.
  3. Students who have taken admission on Tuition Fees Waiver (TFW) seats or are detained and/or penalized under UFM Rules (excluding the applicant‟s Detained or UFM status of current semester) should not apply for institute (SFI) transfer, since such applications will not be considered for transfer and no intimation will be sent to such applicants.
  4. A student can apply for Institute (SFI) transfer when the Online Portal is opened for accepting applications for institute transfer ( The Online Portal shall be kept open for certain time duration. The online portal will remain open from 14/11/2018 to 9/12/2018.
  5. The Institute (SFI) transfer shall be granted to those eligible students who have applied through the Online Portal only. Any application submitted without applying through the Online Portal, will be summarily rejected.
  6. Student will not be transferred from shift 1 to shift 2 or vice versa in the same institute.
  7. As soon as the student is declared as “transferred” by means of a transfer order; the parent institute shall officially transfer the attendance and all academic records of respective semester(s) (including the current semester) to the receiving institute.
  8. The academic record-keeping of the transferred student shall be the responsibility of the receiving institute.
  9. The transfer of any student from any Institute (SFI) will be as per the norms of the respective statutory councils such as Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), Council of Architecture (COA), etc. Hence, the transfer process will strictly follow the respective Statutory Council‟s Norms prevailing from time to time. For example, the Students, studying in the Institute having no approval of PCI, will not be eligible to get transfer in the other Institution and vice versa.
  10. Transfer will not be given to those students who have already taken transfer before.
  11. The receiving Institute shall issue the „No objection Certificate‟ to the student only if the seats are vacant in the respective branch/course. Institute has to issue N.O.C on original letter head with the signature and stamp of Principal/Director/head of institute .The Name of the signatory has to be printed below the signature. The Format is given in Annexure I.
  12. Letter of undertaking regarding strict adherence by the institute/college for the sanctioned intake. The format is given in Annexure II
  13. The Principal/Director/head of institute shall give the declaration of number of N.O.Cs issued for the purpose of student transferred from/ to his/her institute. The format of declaration is to be given on a stamp paper of Rs.100 is given in Annexure III.

Documents to be submitted by the receiving Institute to the University:

  1. The detailed table stating status of available vacant seat branch-wise and semester wise at the Institute
  2. Copy of Declaration, if any, stating the seats submitted for D2D admissions to the respective Admission Committee for the upcoming Academic Year
  3. Original Joining Report of every individual transferred student
  4. New Enrollment Form of every individual transferred student
  5. Bank Challan of the Enrollment Fees of all transferred student
  6. Letter of undertaking regarding strict adherence to the institute/college transfer rules and the sanctioned intake